Busy time

It’s been a busy week here at Meg Edits –

  • finished the second round of edits on 70K word novel, returned to author who said it’s good to go & she’s ready to hit “Publish”
  • proofed a collection of short stories
  • finished second round of edits on 18K novella; it’s just been published – with my first published credit as editor. Thank you, Tonya Brooks! See Tonya’s new book, That Crazy Woman
  • did first round of edits on 49K novella & returned it to the author for review

Why all this activity? It’s wonderful to be busy! I go through each manuscript multiple times. I read and highlight anything that jumps out at me the first time through. One the second read through – notes, changes and comments go into the manuscript. One more read through to double check before it goes back to the author for review.  Once the author has accepted or declined any suggested changes, the file comes back to me for a second round of edits and i go through every line twice more.

It’s a wonderful feeling to hear back from an author who says “I’m happy with the book. It’s great the way it is right now, I’m publishing it today.” That’s my goal, to help you refine your text to where you want it to be for publication.


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