2016 wrap up

2016 was a wonderfully busy year and I am deeply appreciative of the wonderful authors whose work I have the pleasure of editing and proofing. I have updated the 2016 Bookshelf page where you can see their book covers. I’ve also edited several professional journal articles for Dr. Jeni Cross of Colorado State University this year and there is another project yet to be published that was a delight and honor to work on – I promise, more information to follow.

Thank you all for a terrific year, I’m looking forward to 2017!

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Obviously, blogging is not my forte

I have been busy though, editing a wide variety of manuscripts and yes, having the time of my life. I was contacted recently by an author who asked, “What sort of books have you worked on in the past year?”  Hmmm, what sorts of books, indeed? I started ticking books and genres off on my fingertips and my response was this, “In the past year, I’ve worked on Regency, Contemporary, Gay, Sci-Fi, Military, MC, Western, Paranormal, Fantasy, Historical and Paranormal Humor and enjoyed each and every one – married to one genre, I am not!”

I’ve always like to read all sorts of books and fiction, non-fiction, you name it. That broad and varied background might be a mile wide and range in depth from just a whisper to miles deep but it’s a tremendous help in editing and if I don’t know something, my Google fu is strong.

The list of genres got me thinking and I concluded that I ought to share the breadth of what’s been across my laptop in the past year – the new Bookshelf 2015 page has the covers of most of the books I’ve worked on (some haven’t been published yet and are still under wraps).  Hope you’ll take time to check it out.


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Busy is Good ( my new mantra)

Yes, Busy is Good! I’m happy to say that a steady flow of book projects in and back out to authors has been the norm here at Meg Edits this summer. It’s been exciting to go from contemporary romance to historical fiction, novella to 155,000 word multi-volume saga, established indie authors to an exciting debut novel.

Of course, the usual summer fun and games is happening in our home life and establishing a good and productive Work at Home routine is a priority.  Since we’re a relatively mobile family, I’ve upgraded my laptop to a more easily portable and more functional system so I can work on the go, split my screens and hop amongst multiple platforms as well. I’d like to thank the good folks at Dell for the bargain of the summer that I snatched up last week. Of course, this means that I have a week or so to get used to Windows 8.1 before Windows 10 downloads automatically on July 29th.  Wish me luck!

I’ve also added Scrivner to my software toolbox, for anyone who’d prefer edits done directly in Scrivner. It looks like it’s going to be fun to get to know; luckily for me Word 2013 is both new and familiar – and on the new laptop.

I’ve been enjoying Chuck Wendig’s writing advice and hope you’ll check out his Terribleminds blog, if you’re not a subscriber already.  Terribleminds is always a good read.

All the best to you and best wishes for a wonderful time in the Big Apple for everyone attending #RWA15!


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Independence Day

I was tempted to title this post Every Day is Indie Day

As a freelance editor/proofreader, I am independent. I’m self employed; I’m an entrepreneur. I love what I do, every sentence analyzed, every typo spotted and yanked from the page, every continuity break that get’s smoothed over … all of it is extremely satisfying to me. This may be something peculiar to fussbudgets like me but that’s okay.

I work with Indie authors, those brave souls who not only write wonderful novels but are also their own publisher, agent and PR person; many of whom are already working one or  two other jobs and write in their “spare time” moments of semi-quiet and creativity. My hat is off to you all and I thank you for not only inviting me to be part of your book projects but for all the books that you’ve written, are writing and will write in days to come.


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I got back from vacation last week and jumped in to a couple of quick projects and am about to start on a large proofreading project. It’s kind of funny how these projects have popped up – my first projects with two well established authors whose work I’ve enjoyed as a reader for some time now, a read through for a friend who was one of my first author clients and I’m about to begin working on a debut novel, which I find very exciting. The funny part is that I was only expecting to be working on two of these four projects but couldn’t be happier that schedules and the planets aligned so that it all worked out!

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Busy time

It’s been a busy week here at Meg Edits –

  • finished the second round of edits on 70K word novel, returned to author who said it’s good to go & she’s ready to hit “Publish”
  • proofed a collection of short stories
  • finished second round of edits on 18K novella; it’s just been published – with my first published credit as editor. Thank you, Tonya Brooks! See Tonya’s new book, That Crazy Woman
  • did first round of edits on 49K novella & returned it to the author for review

Why all this activity? It’s wonderful to be busy! I go through each manuscript multiple times. I read and highlight anything that jumps out at me the first time through. One the second read through – notes, changes and comments go into the manuscript. One more read through to double check before it goes back to the author for review.  Once the author has accepted or declined any suggested changes, the file comes back to me for a second round of edits and i go through every line twice more.

It’s a wonderful feeling to hear back from an author who says “I’m happy with the book. It’s great the way it is right now, I’m publishing it today.” That’s my goal, to help you refine your text to where you want it to be for publication.


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I’m here in Dallas with a dozen or more friends from Elaine Levine’s Reader’s Group – only one of whom has ever been to the Romantic Times Convention before and while there hasn’t been much book talk, there has been a LOT of laughter.

Today – visiting RT15 HQ, a tour of the Stockyards in Ft. Worth (weather permitting) and line dancing at Billy Bob’s.  Looking forward to meeting up with author friends throughout the weekend and this great opportunity to meet many more. If  you’re here in Dallas & would like to talk, please send me an email and we can set something up.

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