Independence Day

I was tempted to title this post Every Day is Indie Day

As a freelance editor/proofreader, I am independent. I’m self employed; I’m an entrepreneur. I love what I do, every sentence analyzed, every typo spotted and yanked from the page, every continuity break that get’s smoothed over … all of it is extremely satisfying to me. This may be something peculiar to fussbudgets like me but that’s okay.

I work with Indie authors, those brave souls who not only write wonderful novels but are also their own publisher, agent and PR person; many of whom are already working one or  two other jobs and write in their “spare time” moments of semi-quiet and creativity. My hat is off to you all and I thank you for not only inviting me to be part of your book projects but for all the books that you’ve written, are writing and will write in days to come.


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