Obviously, blogging is not my forte

I have been busy though, editing a wide variety of manuscripts and yes, having the time of my life. I was contacted recently by an author who asked, “What sort of books have you worked on in the past year?”  Hmmm, what sorts of books, indeed? I started ticking books and genres off on my fingertips and my response was this, “In the past year, I’ve worked on Regency, Contemporary, Gay, Sci-Fi, Military, MC, Western, Paranormal, Fantasy, Historical and Paranormal Humor and enjoyed each and every one – married to one genre, I am not!”

I’ve always like to read all sorts of books and fiction, non-fiction, you name it. That broad and varied background might be a mile wide and range in depth from just a whisper to miles deep but it’s a tremendous help in editing and if I don’t know something, my Google fu is strong.

The list of genres got me thinking and I concluded that I ought to share the breadth of what’s been across my laptop in the past year – the new Bookshelf 2015 page has the covers of most of the books I’ve worked on (some haven’t been published yet and are still under wraps).  Hope you’ll take time to check it out.


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