Before viewing my rates, please take a moment to review my editing process by visiting the How It’s Done page.

My Rates:

For editing, Line/copy editing is $0.0075/ word

Proofreading is less time intensive, therefore the rate is $0.0035 per word. Proofreading is just that, checking for typos, misspellings and punctuation. Continuity is always a concern, mostly because I can’t help myself.

Payment via PayPal is preferred but other arrangements may be made if necessary.

Cost Samples

Here are some samples based on my regular editing and proofreading rate.

30,000 word novella
Proofreading @ $0.0035/word = $105.00
or Editing @ $0.0075/word = $225.00

50,000 word novella
Proofreading @ $0.0035/word = $175.00
or Editing @ $0.0075/word = $375.00

80,000 word novel
Proofreading @ $0.0035/word = $280.00
or Editing @ $0.0075/word = $600.00

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